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💳 ActBlue Webhooks

This feature requires the Finance Hub.

Hubble strongly recommends using ActBlue for accepting online donations. Once ActBlue has approved your committee you can follow their guide to request a webhook integration between ActBlue and Hubble.

You’ll need a few things from your Admin Hub to complete the setup.

  1. API Username
  2. API Password
  3. Endpoint URL for each webhook integration

Screenshot of ActBlue configuration in the Admin Hub

Optionally, you can specify [email protected] as the technical contact to keep us in the loop on your webhook requests.

ActBlue Type Hubble Type/Endpoint URL
Default Contributions{ UNIVERSE_ID }/contributions
Default Cancellations Cancellations{ UNIVERSE_ID }/cancellations
Default Refunds Refunds{ UNIVERSE_ID }/refunds

Contact Hubble Support if you have any questions.