Establishes data ownership and serves as the primary vehicle for billing

Any User can create a Federation after account verification. Additional Users can be invited to the Federation to share ownership/billing responsibility. Federation members are responsible for everything that happens within their Federation. A User will continue to have access to Hubble regardless of their membership in a Federation (i.e. campaign volunteers and workers). If someone is not responsible for paying for Hubble – they will more than likely have no idea what a Federation is.

If the Federation is owned by a campaign committee or a political club they’ll more than likely store everything within a default Universe. If a Federation needs the ability to segment out their data (i.e. a political party or an agency running multiple campaigns) they’ll have the ability to create additional Universes that are owned by their Federation.

If a Federation needs the ability to share data between Universes, even those owned by another Federation, they’ll be able to create a Multiverse.

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